Independent Eating

Imagine a dining experience undaunted by limitations.

Meet Obi

Obi is a first of its kind, revolutionary dining device for individuals who lack upper extremity function. Obi increases independence, social interaction, and effective food capture like never before.

With the momentary touch of a switch, Obi allows users to select between four compartments of food and command when the food is captured and delivered to the mouth.


“Provide everyone access to independence and social inclusivity.”

We strive to produce life-changing moments for our diners. Everyday, we work to achieve the most gratifying and robust product possible, while facilitating an exceptional customer experience.

Diner Spotlight: Kevin

“I love Obi because it gives me a sense of independence and freedom to have choices about what I eat throughout the day, when I eat throughout the day, and just really allows me to have energy throughout my day so that I can do my job and be productive. So it’s changed my life!”

Innovative Features


Automated multi-directional food capture, portion control, spoon wiping, and food re-positioning keep food transfer efficient.


Graceful, life-like motions, smoother than a human arm, avoid unwanted drips and splashes.


Quickly and intuitively select a food delivery location from thousands of possibilities within a large volume of space.


Six Degrees of Freedom (motors) enable intuitive, animated gestures.


At the click of a switch, the diner initiates the bowl selection command or food delivery command.

Switch Operation

Obi is controlled by any part of the body that can activate a switch. Obi is compatible with any switch that utilizes a 3.5mm headphone jack adapter.

Diner Spotlight: William

“My Best Friend!”

Other Attributes

Reusable Spoons

Food safe material, BPA-free, dishwasher safe, two sizes available, magnetically attached.

Weight of a Laptop

At 7 pounds, Obi can be picked up and transported without strain.

Reusable Plate

Food safe material, BPA-free, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

3-4 hours of use per charge. Use Obi on the go!

Smaller than a Placemat

At a dinner table, Obi won’t take up more than standard personal space.

Collision Detection

Stops and backs away for safety in the event of misuse.

Anti-Slip Surface

Latex-free, elastic over-mold helps keep Obi stationary during meals.

Water Resistant

Wipe down or disinfect the device after a meal.

From the Dining Room Table

Learn how Obi is empowering diners all across the world!

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