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Active Healthcare Solutions Ltd.

Our Head office is located at 5489 Byrne Road unit 163 in Burnaby B.C. Canada

Call Us: +1 888-712-2848

Fax: +1-888-971-6966

Email Us: info@activehs.ca

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Sales and Product Inquiries


Western Canada

Wahbi Ghanbur

Territory Account Manager
Call: +1(778) 706-8910
Email: ghanbur@activehs.ca


Central Canada

Omar Azouz

Territory Account Manager
Email: azouz@activehs.ca


Atlantic Canada

Mohammed Sharif

Territory Account Manager
Email: m.sharif@activehs.ca


Western Canada

Mahmud Alhit

WHILL Ci British Columbia only
Call: +1(604) 232-3944
Email: alhit@activehs.ca


Central Canada

Neil Hardie

Product specialist
Call: +1(647) 213-3527
Email: hardie@activehs.ca