Active Healthcare Solutions

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We are a Canadian medical equipment company focused on providing efficient and effective solutions to individuals with mobility limitations through a network of dealers within Canada. AHS in the process to offer programs, services, and initiatives that ensure our customers receive comprehensive education on our products and programs prior to the sale, quality service and continuing education support following the sale, and quick responses to their inquiries and issues.

Our Vision

We will accomplish our mission by carrying the most advanced products available, by adhering to the principles of evidence-based medicine, by providing our associates with world-class training and support, and by being vigilant in addressing the needs of our customer.

Our Mission

Mobility is the most basic of human needs, and an essential component of every human right. ActiveHS is committed to enabling those who live with disabilities with the latest and the greatest technology of products that allow us to dramatically improve their quality of life, that’s our mission.

Our Goals

Set the industry standard for the delivery of efficient, effective, and efficacious support.

Build a culture of excellence through implementation of high standards for hiring, continual associate education, and providing our associates with immediate feedback on their technical and customer skills.

To deliver products that meet the evolving needs of our customer by gathering and acting on customer feedback in a systematic way.

Build a profitable and sustainable organization that represents the premium brand in the medical equipment industry.


Active HealthCare Solutions led by founders, Anas Sherif and Wahbi Ghanbur, as both do have more than 20 years of medical industry experience.

Active Healthcare was established with the express goal of creating a paradigm shift in the delivery of care for those with short and long-term disabilities. Our objective is to realize the potential of the world’s most advanced technologies to improve the quality of life for our customers, while simultaneously reducing the general costs tied to the delivery of their care.