Mono R


Design and versatility

MONO is an active* lightweight wheelchair designed and manufactured by Genny Mobility Team. Its shape and structure have been worked out for only one purpose: to provide innovation in a world where schemas have been static and obsolete for too long.

We want to be unique in our difference.

We want to change the rules.

*AWs (Active Wheelchairs): the “classic” manual wheelchairs. This category is in opposition to PWs (Power Wheelchairs), operated by control levers.


Shape and lightness

The selected materials have given us the possibility of creating new shapes.

The latest generation aluminum frame series 6000 is a unique design object. Around it, the easy and compact adjustment system develops, allowing the user to carry out a wide range of adjustments in a very simple and fast way.


Completely adjustable

MONO offers the possibility of managing the barycenter and the back height adjustment in complete autonomy, of continuously adjusting the footrest and the brakes height in case of need and to choose the postural seatback inclination/rotation, making it fit for personal needs.

The postural seatback height, inclination and rotation adjustment can be performed by the user in his normal ride attitude without the use of any tool.


Download Mono R Brochure