Genny L2.0


Why choose Genny™?

Because nothing similar has ever existed so far. Genny™ inaugurates a new transportation philosophy for personal mobility. Thanks to its self-balancing technology, she unites the users under the banner of the freedom of movement, erasing the differences. Who uses traditional wheelchairs knows well the problems regarding their daily use. Moving always looking down to avoid the little anterior wheels sinking in the dips and always having the hands full (often getting dirty) can be reason of daily frustration. Never least the problem of the rain, which compels the user to get wet because of the impossibility of holding a simple umbrella, or making him face risks when dealing with slippery grounds, little steps or little slopes. Genny™ “immediately” solves all these issues.



Genny™’s technology ensures immediate spins on the same axis and to go ahead without operating any control lever, like throttle or brake, as if thinking was enough. The two parallel wheels and many electronic sensors, such as 5 gyroscopes, allow Genny™ to move only shifting part of the bust forward to advance, backward to slow down and brake. Simple handlebars permit the means to spin without a compulsory specific use of the hands, leaving them finally free. No device currently on the market, whether it be a hand device or a motorised device, succeed in facing broken grounds, such as sand, snow or gravel with noteworthy autonomy; thing that, on the contrary, Genny™ does with “naturalness”.



Being able to hold one’s own boyfriend/girlfriend’s hand while strolling is a common action for those who walk but often impossible for those who use a wheelchair. Genny™ allows us, thanks to its incredible mobility features, to stroll looking at the landscape with no worries about the road surface and so, being able to eat an ice- cream or bringing one’s own “puppy” for a walk becomes a reality today. Fantasy is, at present, the only limit to Genny™’s potentialities: nothing will be precluded to our mobility imagination anymore. Sport, free time, work will never be the same again.Genny-L20web

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